Hi All

One of the great things I have done with filr was to redirect the My Documents and Desktop folders into My Files\Documents and My Files\Desktop.
This worked perfectly with version2.
With version 3.0 the desktop icons were missing on startup, if I waited 30 seconds an pressed f5 (refresh) they came back
I have just updated to the 3.3 client and it has gone further.

I get a message that the My Files\Desktop folder is not available, if I clear the message and wait then press f5 it comes back, but as a result
I have lost me task bar icons as well.

The task bar icons are still in the correct location and if I reset the Desktop Redirect and reboot they come back, so it seems to be something to do with the desktop folder not being available.

I am assumig that filr is delaying the availability of the folders for some reasion, which it wasn't doing in the older versions.
Does anyone know why there is now a delay in avaialbility or if it can be fixed.

Thanks in advance