Without getting into details of eDir versions, would it be possible of some suggestions on how to remedy an situation I am? We have 5 eDir servers and one of the servers that is being update by a txt driver is modifying the accounts correctly but when accounts on this one server get updated, sometimes the changes do not sync to all of the other 4 servers in the replica ring. I do not know how big of an issue this is right now but I do not see that it is happening on all accounts. The other 4 servers all show the same data for accounts. I have looked in iMonitor and the server is not reporting any errors....but I am not an eDirectory expert so I don't know if there are some 'careful' commands that can be run from a server command prompt or GUI that can tell me if there is an issue or if objects are out of sync. I am just nervous about running any commands in PROD at this point, knowing that I could create more of a problem if not done carefully. Thank you,