That it cleaned itself up makes me think this is just a delay, and delays
are usually caused by busy-ness of the system in some way. If not
busy-ness, then the system does not usually get out of sync for a long
time unless something is blocking it from getting fixed on its own.
Exceptions exist, but that has been my experience. As a result, I would
look at performance.

How many accounts does your driver create per day? If fewer than 100k, or
something on that order of magnitude, then this seems odd. eDirectory
should easily be able to replicate 100k objects per day, even creates with
all of the password bits possible, as those are the biggest operations.
Maybe combined with a lot of replicas, plus other constant data, you are
hitting some performance limitations that were seen prior to eDirectory
9.x; is it possible you are not on 9.x everywhere already? ;-)
eDirectory 9.0 SP4 is current, and recommended generally, and not only
because 8.8 is not out of support.

eDirectory 9.x helps in a couple ways; first, it fixes some bugs that
could cause a change cache which is constantly changing to NOT be
replicated quickly. We expect that, with the right changes (anything
you've described probably), replication will kick off in no more than ten
(10) seconds, which means the delays you see should not happen unless you
have HUGE amounts of data to replicate which just take time. The bugs in
8.8 meant that if a new change came in before the change cache was flushed
it would wait until that new change came in. If another one came in, that
would be waited-on too. Rinse and repeat with constant changes and
nothing replicates. That is my memory of it, and it is resolved in 9.x.

Also eDirectory 9.x boxes can communicate with other newer NCP systems
(eDirectory 9.x boxes) using NCP packet sizes above 64 KiB, and they try
to use 1 MiB max sizes when possible. This means that one big packet can
contain a bit more than sixteen littler ones did. It also means that data
larger than 64 KiB in a non-stream attribute will actually replicate,
where before it could not, not that this is your issue or your problems
would never resolve themselves and you would see -699 errors all over (as
I recall).

Regardless of the applicability of the above, you could also be plagued by
having too many replicas over too-slow links, which could delay
replication if you have a lot of creates at once and then no other
activity, so check that out. I presume you have ruled that out, or you
know this used to work so maybe something has changed (in eDirectory or

Good luck.

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