We had a SAN crash on Wednesday that caused corruption on all 7 of our OES servers. In the process of getting everything healthy I had to remove and reinstall 2 of the servers from eDirectory. In doing so both the volume and pool objects are yellow circles indicating unknown objects. The NSS volumes themselves mount fine in OES, but login scripts that map drives are not functional for those servers.

Couple of questions:
1. Is the fix as easy as 'update NDS' in NSSMU for both the pool and the volume? When I do so it asks me if I want to remove the old ones and create new ones.
2. NSSMU doesn't have anything for the SYS volume, which is an NCP volume. Is there a method to restore the volume/pool objects for this volume as well?

This server is OES 11/SLES11.1

Thanks for any assistance.