I'm trying to set up a new SSPR 4.2 appliance that will replace an older appliance. After deploying the new appliance, I'm unable to register it with Customer Center to search for and apply online updates. When I try registering it with customer center, I receive the following message screen (sorry, it's a screenshot, I can't seem to copy and paste the text):

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I first had this problem when I tried deploying the 4.2 appliance a few weeks ago and eventually concluded that something must be up with Customer Center, and that I should wait until after the holidays for everything to be sorted out. I tried it again today though, and have the same problem. I've called and talked to someone in the product activation department in Micro Focus to verify that everything is set up properly with our entitlements in Customer Center, and I'm told that it is. They can't do any troubleshooting or provide any help with failed registrations beyond that point.

I've double checked the md5sum of the OVA download to make sure that nothing is corrupted. I've also checked that nothing is being blocked by our firewall, and even opened all outgoing traffic from the VM, just for good measure.