I have a virutal server in Hyper-V which was recently rebooted and on reboot it was pretty obvious that there was something wrong with the NSS hard drive. The server would boot up but after a few minutes it would freeze up and Hyper-V would no longer display the server's IP address in the Server's Network information tab.

Come to find out with some troubleshooting, once the NSS services started up the server's problems would begin. I tested this theory by disabling the storage VHD and the server came up and stayed up without any issue. I then created a new VHD, reattached it to OES and restored the data from backup.

Now I'm finding out that there were a couple of folders important folders that were not a part of the system's backup. I inherited this system and it has pretty much been a piecemeal system when it comes to learning how the previous person set things up. So now I'm looking for a way to try to reconnect tot he original VHD that seems to make the server want to crash so I can copy a couple of directories over to the new VHD. Does anyone have any good suggestions for accomplishing this if it is possible?