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Thread: ZCM 11.4.3 to 2017 Fails

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    ZCM 11.4.3 to 2017 Fails

    On 11.4.3 running on Server 2012R2
    MS SQL 2014 running on Server 2012R2
    Both are virtulaized
    Both are fully patched

    It gets through most of the setup, but during the part where it shuts down services, I see "updating database schema" and some other text which goes too fast.

    I can restart everything and my 11.4.3 installation at least "appears" to be fully functional. I have run ZDC on 11.4.3 and it looked fine. I have restarted both ZCM and SQL servers. While the SQL database is down, it wouldn't continue setup, so I assume the connection is fine because when it's up it does continue.

    What log would be helpful for troubleshooting? Below is link for the Upgrade XML file.

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