So, I'm looking at some IDM migration stuff from a really old system to a current s/w system. I think the old system was initially a 8.x version of eDir (but can't be sure).

There is one attribute that *appears* to be part of the base in the old system, but not the new.

According to RFC4524 (old RFC1274) and RFC3383, uniqueIdentifier is part of the required base and should not be confused with the X509 one (X509uniqueIdentifier [RFC2256] - which is in the new schema).

attributeTypes: ( 0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.44 NAME 'uniqueIdentifier' SYNTAX{64512} )
attributeTypes: ( NAME 'x500UniqueIdentifier' SYNTAX{64512} X-NDS_NAME 'x500UniqueIdentifier' )
The only thing is, it only appears to be used in a custom class, so not sure if it originally was part of the base schema or someone added it from the RFC.