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Thread: FDE policies not allowed to be assigned to groups.

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    FDE policies not allowed to be assigned to groups.

    I was wondering if there was a design reason behind why Full Disk Encryption cannot be assigned to groups.

    We use powershell scripts that offer a menu selection of all of our locations here at my company during the initial configuration phase post-imaging. The powershell scripts utilize registration keys during the ZENworks registration process to assign computers to the appropriate groups and folders within ZENworks. This removes the need for technicians to manually place a device into the appropriate folder or group in ZENworks.

    Our folders are based on location in our company. Right now, we have broad-based locations and inside of those locations we have laptop folders. When a laptop is dropped into the laptop folder via registration key or manually, it immediately gets the full disk encryption policy. We do this to make sure our technicians do not forget to assign the full disk encryption policy to the laptop.

    We would like to get more granular with our location folders so that we can apply more specific policies to certain areas and do not want to create a laptop folder in each of the locations.

    Our choices are:
    1) Keep our broad based location folders and use groups to specify more specific locations. This solution makes it easy to forget to add a device to a group membership versus dropping a device into a folder.
    2) Apply encryption policies to our entire infrastructure and get more granular with the folders.
    3) Manually assign encryption policies to computers.

    Ideally, we could have an encryption group that gets assigned to laptops during the registration process or manually. But, this functionality is not allowed.

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