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Thread: Filr 3 Update 3 reverse proxy no longer working

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    Filr 3 Update 3 reverse proxy no longer working

    After applying the latest update to Filr a few days ago, the appliance is no longer listening on port 443 (the secure reverse proxy port). It's a single server Filr instance. I've changed the settings both on and off; I've rebooted; verified and re-entered the NIC / IP / port redirection settings and no matter what I change and perform the "reconfigure server" process, the configuration stays with "Reverse Proxy" being "enabled: false" and the "Network" port redirection goes back to deselected. I can't seem to get it to start listening on the 443 port again.

    Under "Digital Certificates" I verified the current active certificate doesn't expire until 2020 (although there are some older ones that aren't listed as "active" that are past their expiration date).
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