Hi All,
Looking for Advice on short term way to support our server team moving mailboxes to the cloud and how IDM evaluates Exchange mailbox resource/entitlement. We are setup for on Prem currently with our Exchange entitlement pointed at on Prem Datastore.

The server team is migrating about 3000 users' to the cloud yet keeping the other 17k on Prem. They though they resolved it with a setting in Exchange but out of 115 test users migrated NetIQ provisioned 10 "new mailboxes" so about a 10% failure rate. Funny thing is during this time we were evaluating every AD account to tie into SailPoint for attestations so I figured the failure rate on those 115 users would be much higher. More like an all or nothing.

Does anyone have experience dealing with something like this? Is there a good way to flag an account so they Exchange entitlement is not evaluated and re-provisioned if NetIQ does not see it in the proper Datastore?

Also any advice on the IDMPowershell service and if those commands can be manipulated to think there is already a mailbox after moving to cloud or a flag it can look for to know not to provision a mailbox?

Any ideas or advice are much appreciated.

Thank you!