Another try of idmdash customization....
I have boolean edirectory attribute.
I've added that attribute to Directory Abstraction Layer, configured it as Data Type: Boolean and default value: TRUE
I've added that attribute to IDMProv detail portlet, and editing of attribute works as expected.

Then I've added attribute to My Profile in idmdash: Settings->Customization->User->"Card View" to "Other Attributes" and "Editable Attributes"

When user opens his/her "My Profile" page, he can see value of that attribute, not as checkbox but as value ("TRUE" or "FALSE")
When user tries to edit profile page, attribute is seen as "checkbox", but always as "not checked", even if value of attribute is set to TRUE
And when attribute is changed in edit mode and saved, change is not written to IDV.

But as I said before, editing of that attribute in IDMProv "My Profile" portlet works as expected.

Is this maybe bug in idmdash or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards,