Hi all, a little confused by an issue I'm getting after making a change to one of our workflows, so I'm looking for some help if anyone would kindly oblige.

In our environment we use Service Desk's built-in queue feature so when a user submits an incident it enters 'My Team's Queued Tasks'. At this point our SLA is not active and the user is sent an automatic response saying their incident has been placed in a queue, pending investigation by an engineer. In our workflow the next step would be for an engineer to check 'My Team's Queued Tasks', see a queued ticket and assign it to himself, then change the status to 'Open' - which is the next step in the workflow lifecycle after 'Queued' and at this point the SLA is set to active. Upon assigning the ticket to himself, that ticket would appear in the engineer's active tasks and also in the team's active tasks, and would disappear from the queue. This makes sense so far, right?

Now the changes I made earlier that seemingly caused this were nothing major - I simply deleted a lifecycle stage (ensuring that no active tickets were set to that status) and then re-named two other lifecycle steps. After making these changes any tickets that were in our queue (and still marked as 'Queued') are now appearing in active tasks for some reason.

So far I have tried the following to fix this:

1. Checked that 'Queued' is set as the entry point in our workflow lifecycle. It is.

2. 'Queued' is set as an active state. I have tried setting this to 'No' but this causes any items marked as 'Queued' to disappear from active tasks and from the system queue.

3. I have created a new test entry point (let's say 'Queuedtest') in the workflow lifecycle and set that as the default. Then I generated a new ticket from a customer to test this; 'Queuedtest' still appears under active tasks as well as the system queue.

At this point I'm unsure of what else I can try. If anyone has some advice/suggestions I would really appreciate it.