recently we were running into serious problems with the current worder driver.
In the affected environment we were creating wo-objects with due times in the far future (i.e. 60 years)

What we saw was that from one dy to the other, OW with a duetime set to Janauary 2078 (or something in that scope) were processed. According to the trace those workordes were due by the year 1941 or something - meaning they were overdue.

The problem is related to the fact, the two due dates on wo-objects are using attributes with a 32bit timestamp syntax. Since LDAP and edirectory are interpreting the value in a diffent way, the wo show up in an ldap browser with really future timestamps and the wo-driver is interprting the value as an historical timestamp.

Since we are not able to change the syntax of the give attributes we introduced new attributes with a string syntax providing the 64bit ctime value. Reconfiguring the schema mapping policy allowed the driver to work with the new attributes.

Unfortunately the driver itself is working with 32bit variables internally - so if the decamal value provieded can not be represented by an 32bit integer the internal evaluation if the value is higher than the value representing the current date fails.

The good thing here is, that compared to the unmodified driver, the affected workorders are not fulfilled.
The bad news is, that we do not see any way to solve the issue completely because to do so the java class of the driver has to re-coded.

I have an open SR on this and I hope that the solution is not so hard, that possibly an updated driver will be available, soon!

Did anybody here found an other solution to this challenge - without re-engineering the function of the shipping wo-driver?

Kind regards,