I am running:
SSPR v4.1.0.6 b412 r39267
Java: 1.8.0_151-b12

When I connect directly to the server where the app is, the app works perfectly. When I connect through an F5 server (which is only forwarding traffic to the 1 SSPR server) I have issues with page loads such as: not loading css themes, partial page renders, and session issues where my session is continually forgotten resulting in a suite of errors throughout every step of the app.

I get this error sometimes when trying to log in:
Unable to load login processAction=restLogin&skipCaptcha=&pwmFormID=H4s IAAAAAAAAAAGaAGX_UFdNLkdDTTEQwVqAvI2q9Vp0Pbfsvof7T 8ATUSsWAd-TO5lB3exh49f7TZVaH3tSPcxapmhkHiJIgDoww-MXQ_gypwKsN-KawDPvZJT4DTwn_xROtXjBkSa_r1Y8ZWK8CLpPzNZOfNLwhAoL JDhFN7yv09-X4hQlnuslVPzmTIboxczwRdn3YgN7iJ6tUW-NADsZfmXURH2rPH040RiaAAAA&preventCache=15175072702 67 status: 0

This url when an issue occurs going between pages:

These Errors when in the config editor:
Error Unable to communicate with server please refresh page
There has been a problem communicating with the application server, please refresh your browser to continue. I/O error communicating with server.

This Error in Helpdesk Module:
The server is not responding properly. A session in another browser window might have expired. Reload the page and log in again.

Sticky sessions are not configured on the f5 server, but should that matter when there is only 1 server for SSPR?

Any help would be appreciated.