We are using GW2014.2.2 HP1 and a few weeks back a new problem occured.

Person A shares his calendar (proxy access) with 4 others. When he accepts an appointment the 4 others used to see this appointment in his calendar which is a subfolder of Multi User Calendar.
Now some of his appointments are not visible to 3 out of the 4 others in "Person A" Subcalendar but they can see them in the Multi User Calendar. It seems like this happend for a certain time that new appointments are invisible but now when he adds a new appointment they are visible again.

The problem is, that those missing appointments are still invisible to 3 out of the 4 proxy users. They can only see them if they look into the Multi User Calendar.

We tried updating the Client to the newest possible version and deleting the proxy access and then adding it again for one person that did not change anything. One person that has proxy-access can see all the appointments in the subcalendar but the others cant.

Is there a trick how we can make them visible?