I'm trying to do a network space cleanup and in my USERS volume there is a tree structure of home directories of deleted user accounts from after they leave our employment. In following our data retention policies... or rather deleting old stuff so it now complies with policies, I'm finding that quite a lot of these directories have files/folders with Read-Only and Delete Inhibit set. Is there a way to remove these attributes at a "top" level and have it filter down to everything within a higher folder. Otherwise right now I keep finding that I select the folder and choose delete, then I'll get popups on the files/folders that have RO/DI active.

On a side note these user folders get moved to this "Deleted" folder by Storage Manager, when I delete a user account. It is just time consuming trying to delete a folder then finding out that I need to dive down 4 folder levels to find a random file that has Delete Inhibit on it for some reason. Thanks for any pointers!