I have an on-again/off-again issue with my user home directories filling up and I often find that the culprit is a $RECYCLE.BIN folder and its contents that appear hidden in each user's directory. Since it is hidden, I'm usually the only one that can see it, as well as being the only person that can remove it to free up the space. Can someone please enlighten me as to what this folder is, why it gets created and how I might be able to automate or enable my users to be able to clean it up themselves?

I originally thought that it was the "Salvage" bin but in some testing on my own home directory files don't match up, plus almost everything that appears in that folder has a nonsense name $[8character] file or folder name with docx, pdf, pptx, jpg or mdb extensions. The few things that do have a name that make sense are usually found in a $RECYCLE.BIN\$[8CHAR]\ folder.

Thanks for any light that you can shine in this for me.