Wondering if anyone else has a work around for the Userapplication 4.6 to get a direct login.

Here's our scenario:
We user Shibboleth as our IDP and OSP as the service provider.
Shibboleth is mapped to our MS LDS server and then serves up the login. We are able to login to the UA fine with regular accounts but have no way to login with our UAAdmin account due to it not residing in LDS. Does anyone know of a way to get a direct login without using OSP? MicroFocus has stated we may have to migrate the UAAdmin account to our AD infrastructure to make this work that there is no longer an work around in the method we had before. Keep in mind we have used redirects in the past to get around Shibboleth to make this work but those options don't seem to be available with the way the new UA authenticates. Looking for suggestions on getting around this. I've read the cool solutions walk through on the shib to osp methodologies but they don't seem to work for the new UA.
Thanks in advance.