We have 2 eDirectory Servers ( In this is Master eDir and is Replica.
And one User Application Server ( which is already configured with these eDir ( this is an existing environment and working fine.

Now I setup 4 new eDirectory Servers ( and two new User Application Server ( whcih is configured with eDir (
Add two eDir server ( into existing Master eDir as an eDir Replica servers, inside the partition "VAULT" and "driverset1" and add two other eDir servers ( inside only partition "VAULT", after successfully adding these replica, then I changed the Master eDirectory from to using iManager, so now my Master eDirectory is
I have installed iManager on
I can able to login into every eDir Tree ( using iManager which I installed on
Now I am facing two issue that is given below :
1. When I login into iManager ( with Tree (Master eDir) and Go to Roles and Tasks -> NetIQ Certificate Server -> Configure Certificate Authority, then click on Certificates tab, I can able to see the all certificates but when I stop eDir ( on the same location my certificates are not showing and inside the General tab they showing me the Host server: idm01.idm01.servers.system which is the hostname of eDir server
2. When I login into iManager ( with Tree (Master eDir) and Go to Identity Manager Administration -> Workflow -> Select User Application Driver, then it showing me the following Workflow server URI
that is correct I can able to login in each workflow server URI. But when I stop eDir (, On the same location, select again User Application Driver then it gives the following error in alert message
The URI of the workflow server has not been configured for the selected driver.
And when my all eDir is running ( then I stopped Master eDir ( then it is shwoing me the following Workflow server URI only
not showing the URI of new User App ( which is configured with User Application Driver (

I have eDirectory version NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 v20811.09 in every replica (, IDM Engine Identity Manager, iManager 2.7.7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.8 (Santiago).