Running SSPR v4.2.0.3 b276 r39357

We are issuing tokens in the Forgotten Password module successfully. We would like to issue tokens for Email Verification and SMS Verification when users update certain fields in the Update Profile page.

However, it appears that the Update Profile page can't issue tokens that are stored via LDAP, but can do Cypher tokens which result in huge token sizes that aren't realistic especially for SMS.

The error we get is: "Configuration format error: cannot generate new user tokens when storage type is configured as STORE_LDAP." (to be clear, the user object already exists in LDAP, this is not a "new user" in any way.)

Is there a way to store Update Profile tokens in LDAP or is there a way to use Cypher tokens that aren't several hundred characters long?

Related question, what determines which form fields in Update Profile trigger the Email Verification or SMS Verification? Will Email Verification get triggered on every single field of type "email". Similarly will SMS Verification only get triggered for fields of the type "tel"?
If I create a text field named "Preferred Name" and it updates displayName in LDAP, is there anyway to configure that to require an Email or SMS Verification token?

Is there a way to require that Update Profile is filled out, but the requirement is that only 1 of the 2 fields is required? We would like the end user to provide either a phone number or an email address so we can send a token to one of those options, but we don't want to require one over the other. It seems there is no way to currently do this in SSPR.