I'm attempting to leverage eDirectory and my OES 11 servers against a Synology NAS for LDAP user authentication and am running into problems.

The NAS authenticates to any of my LDAP servers successfully, but displays errors when viewing users or groups

Synology tech support tells me that their implementation of LDAP is looking for the "sambaNTpassword" attribute.

sambaNTpassword is among the unmapped attributes listed by iManager in my LDAP groups, but mapping it does not change the results.

Some time ago I tried setting up DSFW for another project, so I am unsure if sambaNTpassword is an attribute from the default LDAP schema or if it's a part of the changes that DFSW makes.

This is a long way of asking if being able to utilize the sambaNTpassword attribute requires DFSW or not.

If so, then I guess it's time to introduce an OES 2015 server into my system.
If not, can anyone point to documentation that would help me utilize that attribute successfully?

As always, my thanks for any cogent thoughts.