I have an eDir to AD driver syncing users, passwords and user attributes. Passwords are syncing upon a password change event in eDir without any problems. However when a user account attribute, like title or manager in eDir is changed the associated accounts attributes in AD are not changed. The sync filter is set to sync on the subscriber and optimize modify is enabled.
When I do a migrate on the account in eDir the AD account attributes get updated with the value of the eDir account.
The trace files from the engine side and remote loader running on the AD DC will be posted in the morning. I know you will ask for them
I was thinking of setting up a bunch of; if attribute changing condition tests and actions of clone destination attribute with source attribute for each of the attributes I need. I am not sure if that will work but it seems like one way to deal with it. I am looking for a way to deal with this and any input and assistance you can provide is appreciated.