what is the correct way to get an update file from download novell
without a browser?

It is a pita to bring this file (~5.5GB) to a remote site (double way I
have to DL the file and then upload to the host) via a small connection.
But the remote site has a powerfull internet access. So a direct DL to
this site is possible. But not via browser. I need to do this via cmd.

Just now I try to get ZENworks_17.2.0.a_Update.zip. The hint at the
DL-Site say: "wget -O <filename.xxx> 'DownloadURL1' 'DownloadURL2'
'DownloadURL...' "

But this is odd ...

When use in this manner you get an (very long) html-file which a 'wrong
password' hint. :{

Is there a description about a way that works? If not, please at least
remove the wrong hint!