I am new to Identity manager (IDM), and facing this nagging issue
I have an IDM (4.6 Integrated installation) setup and functional on SUSE SLE 12 SP2.
It integrates with other application on a different server using MySQL driver, and data are synchronized successfully.
But on trying to connect it with Active Directory on a separate windows server (2016), using Remote Loader, the connection is not working out.
I adhered to the NetIQ/Novell/Microfocus guides for installing and configuring Drivers and remote loaders from sources as ( https://www.netiq.com/documentation/.../b18xta1v.html, and https://www.idmworks.com/edirectory-...-basics/...and other sources ), yet the connection is not successful.

On the IDM server (SUSE), the DS trace shows Remote Interface Driver: Closing connection..
Remote Interface Driver: connection closed
Remote Interface Driver: Opening connection..
Remote Interface Driver: Creating an JSSEKmoFactory ServerSocket
SubscriptionShim.execute() returned....

Message: Code-9006) The driver returned a #retry" status" indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail from driver: No connection to remote loader.

On iManager:
The AD driver seems up and running (status: green )

On the Windows server, where the remote loader is, it display error alert ( Dirxml Access denied), and on clicking the Trace-On or Trace-Off, it displays socket error: connection refused
The configuration file contains the SUSE IDM server IP, using port 8091, and the kmo ( generated from the SUSE IDM, and exported based on the Novell guide), and the exported cert ( .b64) is placed in the trusted root file within the remote loader on Windows.

Ideas to tackling this issue would be greatly appreciated, as this has taken days of troubleshooting