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Thread: Outlook Addin not working properly

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    Outlook Addin not working properly


    we're using Retain on Windows 2012R2 Server with iis 8 and it's working fine so far.

    Problem is, that the Outlook Plugin says, that it cannot reach the Server.
    It's the Same calling http://Retainhost/RetainWebUI via IE / Chrome etc.

    RetainWebUI-Log says the following:

    16:42:03, 074[ajp-apr-48009-exec-7] [DEBUG] LoginController: Inside Login submit
    16:42:03, 074[ajp-apr-48009-exec-7] [DEBUG] LoginController: Validating User : xxx@domain.local
    16:42:03, 074[ajp-apr-48009-exec-7] [DEBUG] RetainUIRestAPI: Getting User Account
    16:42:03, 074[ajp-apr-48009-exec-7] [ERROR] RetainUIRestAPI: Unable to execute request and retrieve response.

    Anyone an idea?
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