I have custom JSP pages that I link to from the Userapp that need to know the DN of the user currently logged in so I can display information only available to that user. I am currently able to do this by putting the JSP in an iFrame inside a Shared Page and passing Dn with the ${User/id} parameter to the JSP. We would like to go away from this and have it be its own separate page as we don't want extra links/display at top of the page and also it makes scrolling difficult on smaller screens or if there is allot of data. We have also heard that the Shared Pages may not be supported in the future so we would like to get ahead of this now and come up with a solution. I looked and could not find the DN in any of the cookies on the browser. I did notice that on landing page it makes a REST call to ..../rest/access/users/fullName and one of the fields returned is the DN I need. I was hoping to be able to call the same REST call but I have not been successful as cookie data I need is no longer valid by the time the user reaches my page. Does anyone know how to make this REST call or have another way to get the DN of the user that is logged in?