eDirectory 8.7.3. Running on NetWare 6.5.5. (I inherited this and there is a plan to get rid of it. For now I have to deal with it).
Universal password.
Policy assigned to parent container, but I don't see how these attributes should be affected.
Secure Login configured on non-eDir Windows server.
Access Manager

"Force Periodic Changes" grayed out. I am Supervisor to the root, partition and container. The user object is currently set for password to not expire, and that box is grayed out. For a previous acct, I had to delete the user object and create a new one. I could not make any changes to the object. I have run dsrepair, repair local database on the master and iManager server till no errors. Still attributes grayed out.

Any idea why this is happening? And, what can I do short of recreating user accounts every time I have this problem?