The director of my organization has agreed to let us have an intervention with their mailbox and we have permission to create rules to clear the junk out of the mailbox folder. To set the stage for this undertaking, the user has had issues when trying to access the mailbox while working remotely and this was due to there being over 36,000 messages in the mailbox folder of which over 24,000 were unread. For the first pass we simply created folders by year and dragged messages as appropriate to the corresponding year, which got us just under 5,000.

At this point I am working on making rules for the mailbox to move messages from listserves and general "junk" (newsletters, mailing lists, etc) to other folders which brings up my question. Is there a limitation of how large a rule can be? So far my newsletter rule has about 20 domain related conditions in it, I just wanted to know how large I can make this before I had to create another rule or figure something else out.