Hello everyone,
I just upgraded to version 3.0 of Filr. I am looking to manuals for next instructions about online updating to version 3.3. There is written this:

Filr 3.3 is only available as an online update to Filr 3.0 and MySQL 3.0 appliances or later. Previous
upgrade methods do not apply to Filr 3.3. Note the following:
 No Separate Hypervisor-specific Downloads: The virtual machine configurations are not
 Filr Search Appliances Are Not Affected: The Filr 3.3 update applies only to the Filr and
MySQL appliances. Filr Search appliances are not affected.

So, I schould update only 2 of 3 filr apppliances? The update is not working for Filr Search appliance? Never?

I have no idea what is the right way. Could anyone help?

Jiri Simek