ZCM 2017 U2

I'm attempting to install the agent on a SLES 12 SP3 server, for use as a satellite server. The install is failing at package 40 (xorg-x11-Xvnc-1.3.0-17.3.x86_64.rpm). When I checked the ZENPreAgent.log, the reason given for the failure was failed dependencies. At this point I remembered that I had not installed the libXtst6-32bit package.

I installed the libXtst6-32bit package and tried again, but am still getting the same error about failed dependencies. I had another new server, for another site, that also is SLES 12 SP3. I installed the libXtst6-32bit package on it first, then ran the agent install and it installed fine.

Both servers will built with the same options.

I'm unsure where to find what the dependencies of the Xvnc rpm is/are.