Hello everyone,
we do have 2 computers from SuperMicro to build an iSCSI/NFS disk array on it. We do have a hardware only. We are looking for some cheap and easy software for this task. Disk arrays schould be clustered and mirrored. We tryied Centos with DRBD and Heardbeat already. It did not work fine. Is possible to use OES 2015 / OES 2018 for this? We are already using another OES 2015 servers for another purposes. So we do have a free licences we can use.
Could you please give me any suggestion if OES2015 is able to do that? What Novell (Micro Focus) services we can install on that 2 OES servers to create clusterred-mirrored NAS?
The NAS schould be used as a storage for VmWare virtual servers. And also as a storage for our actual OES2015 file server.