So on a monthly basis I do a "zypper up -t patch" to get all the patches for my OES 2018 server which I just upgraded from SLES 11 SP4 last month. Only 359 packages to apply but no problem. I have all day.

The update process runs for a while and gets to what must be almost the end then I get prompted with a question:

File: /etc/ant.d/catalina-ant
from install of
tomcat-lib-8.0.43-29.5.1.noarch (OES2018-SLES12-SP2-Updates)
conflicts with file from package
tomcat-lib-6.0.53-0.56.1.noarch (@System)

File conflicts happen when two packages attempt to install files with the samename but different contents. If you continue, conflicting files will be replaced losing the previous content.
Continue? (yes/no) (no):

So I answered 'no', the default' and the patch process aborted. I rebooted and it appears that none of the patches were applied. How do I know what to do here? I would assume other patches have upgraded some program from one version to another before, why is this a problem now?

Is the (@System) package the current file on the file system or is this coming down from one of the repositories?

If I say 'yes', I don't know which package will be installed. The one from the OES2018-SLES12-SP2-Updates or the one from @System???

It seems to me that I need more information to make a decision. Anyone know what will break if I say 'Yes' to this?

Is there any way to apply only some patches but exclude this patch if you aren't sure what the effects will be?