I have a PHP script that I have used in the past to connect to a Groupwise 2012 server. It allows me to manage rules on a mailbox via the TrustedApplication Key.

I am trying to use this on a 2014 R2 server running version 14.2.1.

I can pass the trusted application in to each PO and get the user lists, but when I try to issue loginRequest() against a user, I get the 59944 code.

I have tried updating the wsdl with the one that was in the Program Files path on the server and I am using version 1.08. I can't seem to understand what I have wrong.

Any thoughts, I have been searching this forum and Googling like crazy and have found nothing on this code?

My loginRequest Object looks like this.
loginRequest Object
	[auth] => TrustedApplication Object
			[proxy] =>
			[name] => KeyName
			[key] => Key
			[username] => mailbox I am accessing
	[language] => en
	[version] => 1.08
	[application] => phpClient
	[userid] =>
	[system] =>
The loginResponse is all blank except for the Status>code 59944 response.