We are running GW 2014r2 on a Windows server. I am sorry to say our company has been purchased and we must migrate our GW system to Google. The migration tool they have chosen requires licenses for the live database and and for the archive. They don't want to pay for two licenses per user. Our GW archives are located on a Windows server in individual folders. Only the system adminstrators and the individual user have file rights to his/her archives. Does anyone know an easy way to unarchive these emails without having to involve the user. We would like to automate this process if possible. We will be going back 1 year for most users, but some in customer service, will be going back 3 years.

We will be migrating in small pools of users until the migration is complete. Once the user is migrated the email will be deleted and the next pool will unarchive.

Thanks for any ideas.