In the 4.6 documentation it references the Reporting Database.

It states that the reporting database runs on the following platform and it lists PostgreSQL 9.6.1 for RHEL 7.x

It then states that you can "run reports against the following databases" -- We would use Oracle 12c. I'm assuming this is all of the event data from the dcs and managed gateway drivers, etc.


What is stored in PostgreSQL that can't be stored in Oracle? Is the documentation wrong, or do we have to use both?

I'm assuming that with two Identity applications, we need a separate reporting server that isn't clustered. I'm then assuming that postgresql can be installed on that same box. Any best practices as to size requirements for postgres or the reporting server? I'm assuming it is a small footprint and we don't have to worry about the size growing.

Do most people install OSP on Reporting when the Identity Applications will be running OSP? Looking for the easiest configuration on integrating reporting. Can we just copy the OSP keystore from one of the existing Identity Application boxes if we have OSP also installed on the reporting server?