I just upgraded my iPrint appliance to the latest 3.1.x build from 2.x and am looking at the new features. One thing that I'm noticing is that SSO doesn't seem to work across the board with the new client and the newer iPrint features, which is a bit of a turn-off when it comes to usability. Let me preface this by saying that all of my printers are set up as Secure printers so that remote staff can securely print to them, and I don't have any plans to change this.

Back to the issue/question at hand, when I sign in I can print to my installed iPrint printer and it recognizes my SSO from the Novell login as it always has. But when I try to use the right-click>iPrint menu or go to the https://iprint/ipp page to install a new printer, I first need to log into the page/window to use it. Even more frustrating is in the right-click>iPrint menu each time I use it, it needs to be signed in. Fortunately, I haven't had anyone need to install a new printer since the upgrade to the IPP page, but even though I like the layout, the password restriction is a new hurdle that I know that my staff won't like.

Is this by design or am I missing something with configuring my SSO?