We are looking at upgrading our ZCM 11.4.3, three primary on SLES 11.4 to ZENworks 2017.2. We are currently running our database on MS-SQL 2008 R2 Update 2, which according to the requirements needs to be a minimum of 2008 R2 update 3. We have a couple of options, move the database to a server with MS SQL 2008 SP3 or MS SQL 2014. I do not know if there is a benefit going to MS SQL 2014 or if there are additional steps required to go from where we are at, MS SQL 2008 R2 Update 2 or going straight to MS SQL 2014 or is it safer to go just to MS-SQL 2008R2 Update 3? I have looked into the documentation for moving from a MSSQL to a MSSQL and seems to be straight forward, but there is an entry in the zdm.xml on the server file that needs clarification:

<entry key="Database Directory">D:\mssql.1\mssql\data</entry>

I am not sure if this is a legacy entry or if it also needs to be updated as well when the database gets moved. It doesn't really match the current short name on the server, which is "D:\MSSQL1~1.MSS\MSSQL\DATA"

If anyone has any insight on target version of MS-SQL or the database entry key value in the zdm.xml file, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,