Hi 2 all,

as my knowledge Active Sync can handle one calendar only - the personal
of the user.
Since a week our users reporting their calendars were full of events. We
checked this and found on <mobileserver>:8120 in cabinet of the affected
users extra folders of shared calendars.

We rebooted the mobile server a week ago, thats the only action were

Running version is 14.2.2 build 145, in groupwise agent
"sync groupwise items" all activated,
"shared elements" deactivated (was active, but already switched of
during search for solution)

gms talking with groupwise 2014 R2 POA on windows

which setting we could have changed in our dementia?

Sure, we can edit all user settings in gms console. Because this is time
consuming and nobody has inserted these entries, so there must be an
other setting available for the whole system


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