are the entitlements without value not supported in the new IDM 4.7?

I have ApacheDS connected by IDM 4.7 and Account entitlement is configured as entitlement without values.

When I trying to create new resource and add this entitlement, I cannot, because new "idmadmin" interface required a value. Therefore I created a resource in the old good IDMProv and assigned the entitlement from my LDAP driver to the resource. Then I created new role and assigned the resource to the role.
But when I try to assign the role to user, I am getting error (see below).

It looks that value in entitlement is always required. Isn't a bug?

[03/07/18 17:49:27.764]:Role and Resource driver :
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \LINUX_82AN_TREE\system\driverset1\Role and Resource driver
Status: Error
Message: Thread ID:116 Unable to add assigned role to identity
Role: O=system\CN=driverset1\CN=User Application Driver\CN=AppConfig\CN=RoleConfig\CN=RoleDefs\CN=L evel10\CN=PR-ACME-User
Identity: O=data\OU=users\CN=mjuricek
Reason: java.lang.Exception: Thread ID:116 Error. Entitlement parameter value is not in the expected JSON format, defined by the entitlement configuration setting named parameter-format. This can occur from malformed JSON in the parameter value, or an entitlement was provisioned with a legacy parameter value before the entitlement parameter support was upgraded to IDM4.
DN: O=system\CN=driverset1\CN=LDAP-ApacheDS\CN=Account
Agent: UA
Parameter Value: