Hi we are in the process of moving all our files from our old NAS system to a new one with a lot more storage and I have a couple of questions, we store most of the files for our bundles on a share on NAS01 is there a quick way of changing all the file locations within the bundles to NAS02 e.g. export to csv > edit > then re import with new file locations or are we going to have to go through every bundle one by one (we have well over 100 bundles) so any help would be appreciated.

Next question is there a better way of doing this? as in an address I can put in that I only have to change in one place if we ever need to move the files again.

These may be simple things so sorry for my lack of knowledge but the system was setup by our last network manager who didn’t do any documentation or proper training on how to use and set it up so I am trying to work this out for myself and sadly not having much luck.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.