Dear all,

maybe someone here has an idea on this issue.

Since LDAP Desinger (4.6) came out, we see the issue, tat the map-token can not be configured through the UI. It is possible to select the map object, but any tray to select either the source or destination column ends with the error "The mapping table DN cannot be found" - This is starnge, since it was browsed just before. But I see the DN in slash format - I am guessing, that the plugin is expecting the DN in LDAP format.

We can see the same issue in all converted projects and it does not make any difference using Desinger 4.6.x or 4.7 on either Windows 10 or MacOS!

It does not make any difference, if we convert an old (not LDAP Desinger) project, or import the IDM configuration from eDirectory! It even does make no difference, if an exiting mapping table is selected, or one just created from scratch with the current version of Designer.

Since M.F. support seems not to see this issue in their environment I am wondering if somebody here has an idea what to check?

BTW: This is only one issue out of some others, where we got the feedback, that the issue can not be seen in the M.F. environment. Maybe if this one can be solved the other issues are solved as well ;-)

Kind regards,