when I upgraded a coustomers environment to IDM 4.7 and edirectory 9.1 I considered to move to CEF auditing as well.

Regarding iDM, NMAS and iManager this transition was not so hard, after fguring out, that there were updated collectors as well. Unfortunatly those were not included in the Sentinel for IGA shipping with IDM 4.7!

Configuring CEF for eDirectory was harder, since the iManager instromentation was not providing an UI to configure CEF. The plugins included in the iManager 3.1 did not work - I had do remove the eDirectory 9.1 plugins and upload those manually. After that the configuration did work, and I was able to load cefauditds on the edirectory server.

So far so good, but I do not get any edir events from this server in Sentinel - the same server sends cef events from NMAS ans IDM, so the config should be o.k.

Strange: I am guessing something is wrong with edir, since unloading of the cfeauditds takes really long - atz least I hope it will unload after some time.

I will post this issue un the eDir forum, tio see if anybody there has an clue.

Does anybody here can confirm that edir 9.1 CEF auditing is working=

Kind regards,