I have a situation where an app hangs up periodically leaving locks on
the files at a client that has 24 hour operations with out 24 hour IT
staff. So they want to be able to allow some trusted off ours staff
the ability to close those locked files.

Ideally a GUI route would be best as the pathes aren't short.

With ncpcon, we need to know the full file path that is just asking for
trouble, though I think I might be able to script it carefully using

In OES Remote Manager it looks like I have to give full server rights
to get anywhere. Am I missing something or are we still awaiting for
https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/nov...ea/Detail/1487 to get
enough love?

Any ideas how you would handle this?

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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