I am working on a upgrade from securelogin to, nosing around to avoid traps and pushing bugs to

one thing i see is that securelogin writes the registry property JREInstallDir. Why would it do that, this is only
a matter of time when it outdates, some tests seem to indicate this is not dynamically updated, but statically set
during installation and then left alone, unaware of any changes regarding java. Since i do not use JAVA-application
defs this might mean nothing to me, but, are there implications in ignoring that or should i write a script, always
run anfter upgrades to JAVA are made, which would as well upgrade JREInstallDir through parsing
HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment 's current version, then going there and using the
property JavaHome to get the new path?

So: is this only relevant when using java application definitions?

thanks for any help, florian