On 17-03-2018 2:44 AM, hudobivnik wrote:
> Hi.
> After upgrading the Access Manager from 4.4 to 4.4 SP1 we noticed
> problem with radius authentication in case of used for two phase
> authentication. The first level of authentication works fine and when
> the client gets OTP the jsp doasen't walk to the next level. It looks
> like the radiuslogin_latest.jsp can't get the "name" and "state"
> attribute. When I try to extract the value, of both attributes from
> .jsp, always getting "null". On IDP server NIDP-xx-xx.xml log shows that
> "state" and "name" attribute was send with the proper value to the
> client.
> Any idea how to resolve this?
> Thanks in advance

Sounds like a defect to be honest. Probably best to open a SR