iPrint appliance 3.1
Windows 7 x64 client with v6.09 client
Konica Minolta C658 printer with Postscript 3 driver ( or tried)

If I print direct from Adobe Acrobat reader on the computer to printer with standard TCPIP port my 6.6MB PDF file renders out to a 200MB print job as shown in the Windows print monitor, and starts printing while spooling.

If I print via iPrint appliance the same PDF renders out to 8.17GB and must completely spool to the iPrint appliance before it starts spooling it to the printer.

I have tried enabling bidirectional in the Printer profile but this had no effect.

The store and forward behaviour I can live with (I expected that) if I can figure out why there is such a difference in rendered print job size between the two - I would have thought the raw output would be exactly the same direct and via iPrint.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is happening here ?

We have replaced printer and upgraded (replaced) from iPrint v1.1 to V3.1 and now we get reports printing is slower !