Greetings all,

I attempted an update on a working SLES 12 Mobility 2014R2 SP2 system over the weekend - all appeared to be going swimmingly until asked for the master domain credentials..

Entered the master domain server - check
Default port was used - check
GW superuser name & password - check & check..

Response from install - host name does not match

At a point in the past, the master domain server had to be rebuilt due to BtrFS corruption, and the original hostname/domain was changed to match current business branding - new self signed certs were generated.. the install to 2018 was calling for the host/domain name of the previous server configuration and would not accept anything else entered at that point.

tried re-issuing the master domain certs - as a next step of the rebranding we installed a trusted wildcard cert - no joy. Keeps looking for a hostname that this particular server installation never had seen. Can't find any reference of this in a configuration file or in GW admin console.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated as without it - we are stuck at Mobility 14.2.2

Best regards

Mike Giovaninni
NetWerks Strategic Services, LLC
Agawam, MA USA