Hi all,
we have a major problem with the ZENworks Agent on our Windows 8.1 Enterprise Notebooks connecting from outside with Microsoft Direct Access for Windows 2012 R2 Server.
The ZENworks Agent simply do not connect and the device is not managed.
Now we are trying to implement the HTTP proxy solution but i have a conceptual problem with the network locations.
We need to put the HTTP proxy in the unknown location so that beside the well known networks inside the corporate network the client goes through the proxy.
Here my concerns:
Configuration - Locations - Unknown -Settings -HTTP Proxy - IPv4
On proxy IP address DNS Name is not possible - but we need for the access through the internet something like zcmproxy.handelshof.de resolved to an address reachable form the internet outside the firewall
Port is 3128 - default squid port - should not be an issue
Network Segment (in CIDR notation) - this does not make sense for the Unknown location - it can be everything here - Telekom provider IP range for UMTS or whatever is configured in private homework WLAN of the notebook user
my perception is that the setting does not work if there is no entry (blank) here - or what i am doing wrong?