Good day. We are testing ZENworks 2017 before purchasing.
ZENworks server is launched as virtual machine from the OVA image. I've successfully deployed Agent to the domain desktop with Windows 10 Pro (version 1709). I can connect to that one with Password Authentication but Rights Authentication doesn't work. I've tried to connect from the Windows Server 2012 R2 with IE11 and Java 8upd161. I can't see any useful records in the desktop's log. I receive the error "Rights Authentication failed. An internal error occurred during authentication" and "Status: Authentication failed" at "ZENworks Remote Management Connection". All Zone and ZENworks server settings are default. Agent is running on the Active Directory domain desktop. I can see connections attempts in the client's "ZENworks Remote Management Audit" window, but there are no any records in the log. I have created some Audit settings (Abnormal Termination Detected, Authentication Failure, Remote Control) for Remote Management operations but desktop doesn't send any messages to the ZENworks server.

Internal CA
ZENworks server has no A an PTR records in the Active Directory DNS.
ZENworks Configuration Management version
Agent Remote Management version

Unfortunately I have no rights to attach screenshots and logs there.